17 May 2014

Some recent prem packs..

I am a little behind in posting recent packs that have been sent out.  Hopefully this should get me up to date.

These prem packs were sent as far as Victoria and as North as Darwin.

There prem packs consist of some beautiful 00000 clothing including some harem pants from Number 92 http://number92.bigcartel.com and body suits from Tiny Hearts 
http://www.madeit.com.au/Main/Store?storeId=13096&userId=96514, some pampering QV products for both baby and parents and some GAIA Natural Baby Products with 20% off vouchers http://www.gaiaskinnaturals.com for baby, Boobie Bikkies from Pinky McKay http://www.boobiebikkies.com.au/?COLLCC=3318277518&, our postcard sized Useful Links and Numbers guide, a journal so the parents can keep track of their NICU journey, some breast pads, milk collection bags, some hand knitted items and a reusable 'Be Brave' Canvas bag.

We hope these families enjoy their packs.

Love the Dream A Little Dream Team xx

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